In need of Education...

Check out the pic of Baroness Thatcher at the Daily Mail.

The caption is:
Premier choice: Mrs Thatcher called a 1961 Chateau Margaux 'silky
(And yes, that is a quote mark without it's partner...) The picture shows Lady Thatcher drinking a glass of white wine.

The Daily Mail's picture editors seem to have gotten that slightly wrong.


  1. And is the Quinta do Noval 1931 port that is for "very special occasions only" the Nacional, or is is just the ordinary Quinta do Noval 1931? It's important to know, I think.

  2. I fear I'm closer to a "Daily Mail Hack" rather than an "expert" on the issue of classic port, Michael.

    I wondered whether the ambiguity on Quinta do Noval was due to the Mail or HMG. http://www.fco.gov.uk/content/en/23092127/0573-09-2 appears to suggest that the ambiguity is on the part of the HMG.